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Beth's Low Carb Creations

Gourmet Sweet Treats 

Low carb - Keto - gluten free - DIABETIC FRIENDLY - Vegan Friendly -


About BLCC


Thank you for visiting my online store!


I create delicious home-made treats, that won't compromise your goals;

Specifically catering to those of us who want to reduce our sugar intake, but don't want to feel like we're missing out!

All of the products available are Gluten Free, Keto/Low-Carb & Diabetic friendly. All items are Vegetarian, and there are delicious Vegan options too.

Who are ya?!

I have always loved food; cooking it, baking it, and of course.. scoffing it!

I have a real sweet tooth, which was a leading contributor to my weight gain over the years. 

After making the life-changing decision in early 2020 to change my eating habits to a low carb/Keto diet, and experiencing some incredible benefits of eating this way, I started to explore different ways of recreating my favourite treats without the sugar count.

After many attempts, and even more failures, there eventually came success.

I had created a variety of different fudges - smooth ones, crumbly ones, crunchy ones.. you name it. After a lot of thought, followed by all-consuming fear and panic, I decided to go for it and launch 'Beth's Low Carb Creations'!

What sweeteners are used? 

I use Erythritol as the core and only sweetener in the majority of my recipes.

Occasionally, other sweeteners such as Sucralose, Inulin or Stevia may be used minimally alongside erythritol as part of an ingredient, ie; within sauces or jams that may be used. 

When this occurs, it is clearly listed in the ingredients on the product page and packaging. 

Why the vegan options?

I have two older sisters, both proudly living vegan lifestyles, and one of whom was once a Type 1 diabetic until some life-saving surgery a few years ago, (NHS, You ROCK!) and so 'sugar' has always been a hot topic for me and my family growing up.

You can imagine that as soon as they caught wind of what I was up to, they asked if there would be vegan options for them!

I am not a vegan myself, however I do feel quite strongly that the benefits of a Keto / Low carb/sugar diet does not have to be limited to omnivores.

The world is changing, and people are starting to discover that they don't need animal products in order to maintain their diet.

The 'need' for animal products in our diets is something that is really prominent in the Keto community specifically; trying to get your macros lined up without animal products can be a really tricky thing to do, as I find that a lot of the current vegan alternatives for things like butter and cheese, tend to contain more carbs than their dairy counterparts.

However, it's not impossible to be Vegan AND Low-carb with a little bit of effort and research to discover the right products for your personal requirements.


We do also offer non vegan items within the range; you can find a toggle in the shop page to show only 'Vegan' options, and each product description also clearly determines Vegan/Vegetarian for the applicable products.


All of the packaging we use is environmentally friendly, whether it be recyclable or biodegradable. That's really important to us, and we have put a lot of time into sourcing the right materials for the job. 

No Sugar-coating...

Finally, thank you from the bottom of my sugar-free heart for your support of my small business.

I really hope you love your treats as much as I do, and that you'll be back for more! 

If you have any questions, comments or flavour requests, get in touch!

You can contact me via Facebook & Instagram, or email me at


Beth x

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